Deliveries are starting to come back in!

Some new yarns, books & patterns:

all questions answered!

  Ask the Magic 8 Ball!

q:  “Will Ann Ever Finish Her Easy Folded Poncho?”

a:   You may rely on it!


Thank you so much for your calls & messages after Hurricane Sandy.

We are happy and grateful to report that the shop weathered the storm with no damage!  We are back to regular shop hours including all Open Knit Groups and Classes.We have set up a charging station in the shop and you are more than welcome to bring in your electronic devices. If your better half or children are missing the Internet, bring them too and they can surf our WiFi.  Sit and knit while everything recharges!

Our very best wishes are with all of you.We are here if you need any yarn or supplies, some laughs or just a sympathetic ear.

please check out these Ravelry pages for information on how your next project can help others: