What a great day it was!


Gale Zucker came to the shop on Saturday – which btw was GroundHog Day one of my favorite all-time movies – and gave one of her photography workshops. It was information packed and tons of fun!  Our group ranged from those who already knew their way around a camera to me ,Ann here who had to borrow her daughter’s camera and decidedly did not know my way around the camera.  By the end of the day, all had found their way and new inspirations.

The workshop started off with a slide show presentation .  Gale spoke about the lighting, color and framing of each picture and what it took to get those shots. How each was set up and what could be done differently and how that would affect the final photo.  We learned about the direction of the light and the angle of the shot and to ask ourselves, ‘what is the story’?  We did venture forth into the frozen tundra that was Saturday to take some outdoor pictures.  I am glad we didn’t go to Argyle Park – which seems like an easy spot to find beauty.  But instead went into parking lots, doorways and alleyways!

If you were not able to take this workshop, I have good news!  We were all so inspired by our day with Gale that she is going to come back to do another workshop – Photo Safari!!  Give the shop a call if you are interested – we don’t have the details ironed out, but will take down your information to give you first crack at available spots!