Gale Zucker


Did you know that the fabulous Gale Zucker will be at TVK on February 2nd?? I am so excited and have been wanting to take one of her workshops for years.  People lucky enough to  take them are thrilled and inspired by how much they have learned.

Somehow my calendar has never worked out and I have a few apps on my smarter-than-me phone that allow me to fool myself into thinking that I take a good picture.  But really.  I also have some frozen dinners in my freezer but that don’t make me no damn chef !

So, Gale is coming, I am psyched and have gone as far as borrowing my daughter’s fancy camera.  Let’s hope I go even further and acquaint myself with some of  the settings before Gale gets here!

here are the workshop details:

❈Photography for Knitters  February 2 12:30 – 4:00  $85

Wish your photos came out better? This hands-on workshop with Gale Zucker will give you camera confidence, concentrating on yarn, fiber, your projects and the world around you. We’ll cover basic concepts in making your digital photography images look great, concentrating on camera use techniques, natural light and tips to photograph fiber & texture. We’ll talk about choosing backgrounds, colors, and using photography to really tell the story of your craft. We” end with a demo, editing & processing your images once they’re out of the camera, using easy web based software, to really make them sing.

requirements: a camera–dslr or point & shoot are both fine. Please check your manual , know how to find and use the settings to change exposure settings and turn off the flash.
to bring: your camera, fully charged up batteries in the camera, memory media to take pictures, the manual, and a project you want to photograph

Commercial & editorial photographer Gale Zucker is the co-author of the book Craft Activism: People, Projects & Ideas from the New Community of Handmade, by PotterCraft 2011, chosen for Best Books of 2011 by both Library Journal and Amazon. She is also the knitwear photographer for WearWithAll (2012), the photographer/co-author of Shear Spirit: Ten Farms, Twenty Projects and Miles of Yarn (PotterCraft 2008) and the photographer for Mason Dixon: Knitting Outside the Lines (October 2008) .
• professional website Gale Zucker Photography
Craft Activism book blog
• her knit blog She Shoots Sheep Shots


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